Recipe for Life: Perfect Wedding Day

We have a new recipe today from our dear friend, Holly. If you ever get to meet her...she will take your breath away...she is so gorgeous...and she can rock the wake surfing...

But, she is so gentle, so kind and so dear...
Here is her recipe for the perfect wedding day.


Gorgeous Holly and her handsome husband Dan 
When Dan and I decided to marry, we knew right away that we didn't want a traditional ceremony. As much as we love the warm fuzzy feeling that traditions provide, stiff clothes and a stuffy church just don't suit us. Anyone who knows Dan and I, knows that we love the outdoors and our little house on the lake. During the summer months our days are spent in the sun, swimming and boating. We practically live in the water, spending hours wake skating and surfing. Soaking up every drop of sun because we are, in fact, solar powered. Why not celebrate our special day this way? A gathering of all our close family and friends, sunshine, good food, swimming and boating at our little house on the lake.

When I told Corinne she was so excited and immediately said, "I have the perfect gift!" A few days later, I met her outside of her yoga studio and we sat and laughed and made 40 bracelets. Each bracelet had 3 beads, one representing me, one representing Dan, and one in the middle, representing our love and
commitment. A perfect "made with love" favor for our wedding guests.

What a surreal moment it was, being surrounded by all our family and friends, each wearing a bracelet, tying us all together. I just wanted to stay in that moment! So much love and positive energy flowing through us all.

It was a day that truly exceeded my expectations. As soon as we said "I do" everyone hopped on a boat for a sunset cruise. Surfing in my wedding dress was a dream come true. We let all our cares slip away and soon everyone was in the water in their wedding attire.

If anyone out there is looking for the perfect wedding day recipe, I think we have it perfected. It is as follows:

  • 2 people in love 
  • 1 overflowing cup of loving family and friends 
  • A heaping handful of sunshine and refreshing body of water
  • 40 Healing Knots Love Bracelets 

Bake at 80 degrees on a beautiful May day and then Savor. Every. Bite!

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