Recipe for Life: Celebrating a Gift to the World

Even though Saturday night was the tail-end of the birthday weekend celebrations for Corinne, you would have never known. I am so glad I got to sneak away for a split second to join C and her family on the ocean, and celebrate Corinne.


  • A bag containing only: bathing suit, toothbrush, easy change of clothes
  • 1 tank of gas
  • 1 caffeinated beverage of your choice to stay awake as the sun starts to set
  • 1 car charger to ensure that phone keeps life as it supplies navigation and tunes
  • A rockin' playlist to make the drive fly by
  • A Healing Knots bracelet or necklace...or both!
  • So many hugs to deliver to the Birthday Girl


  • Complete all tasks ahead of time to make sure you can leave work moments after closing time
  • Jump in the car with GPS set to 2577 Shell Ridge Road
  • Fill up with gas to ensure you aren't stranded in the corn fields between home and the ocean
  • Get on your bracelet and hit the road 
  • Drive through farms, ranches and corn galore until the sun sets
  • Express gratitude for the Supermoon that guided you after the sun set
  • After a quick 3 hours in the car, jamming to Beyonce, arrive at the Birthday House
  • Quickly hug the Birthday Girl and run upstairs to make cocktails for the pier
  • Pirate Drink in hand, walk arm in arm down to the end of the pier with only giggles, cocktails, hilarious stories and excitement
  • Sit and catch up as the moon provides the light and the ocean provides the background noise
  • Finish drink and head back to the house
  • Quickly decide that a 10:30 PM bike ride through the empty, quiet streets is a must
  • Laugh your head off and hum biking tunes from The Wizard of Oz
  • Return to the Birthday House for a refill and to grab "The Whites" for a beach side dessert
  • Fall asleep on the lounge chairs on the porch until the crisp air wakes you and forces you to your bed
  • Wake up ready for a daytime bike ride to see all that you couldn't in the previous night's darkness
  • Get overheated and follow Corinne's Recipe for the Birthday Float
  • Realize it is time to say goodbye to the Birthday House and pack and clean 
  • After house is packed, stop at little seafood shack for fresh shrimp to eat for dinner. A reminder of your ocean visit
  • Stop by the local jewelry store and pick up some bead treasures to find their way into new bracelet designs
  • Eat lunch at Moondog so you are full of delicious food and love the for the journey back home
  • Finally, give your hugs and love to the people who included you in the celebration weekend and follow them until one car takes the turn for Austin, while the other heads straight for Houston.
Until next time, ocean getaway. 

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