Recipe for Life: Birthday Recipe

Emily and I have been cookin’ up an idea this summer….we have decided that life is full of different recipes.  Recipe for love, recipe for fun, recipe for the perfect bracelet, recipe for the perfect new job!!! Recipe for the best person you could imagine to watch you doing your art and finds a way to share it with the world, recipe for a happy day!! The list goes on and on…and I bet you have a recipe to share with us…something you do that keeps your heart afloat, makes your life feel a little more fun, anything that you do to add that little zest to your story.

Well, I guess yesterday brought me to my first recipe to share. I had NO intention of letting the Healing Knots circle of friends know it was my birthday….I was going to run away and spend the day doing my very favorite thing. And then Bob for some crazy reason sat down at my computer and screamed..."oh, my, come look at the blog!!!” Goodness, to be flooded with so many people sending me love and celebration. That was the sweetest day!!! Thank you to every person that sent me birthday cheer. I felt it from coast to coast!!!

Now….other than people flooding you with love notes….
Here is my recipe for the perfect Birthday!!


  • 1 float- cheap blow up from the Dollar Store is fine
  • 1 bathing suit, or anything that can get wet
  • 1 bottle of sunscreen
  • 1 body of water (my preference is The Bay!!  Rockport to be specific.)
  • 1 gorgeous sunny day!

  • Take the sunscreen and slather it all over your body. Back and face with an extra layer.
  • Put on suit or clothing to wear in water.
  • Blow up float. Take slow even breaths in and out so as not to get light headed.
  • Lay on belly at shallow end of water. Start kicking out to the horizon.
  • Keep kicking and kicking. Just stare at the sky and the water. Feel the rocking motion of the water underneath you. Let the water hold you. Feel all of your troubles drift away.
  • Let the sun wash over you and fill you with warmth. Keep kicking. No words, no thoughts, no problem solving. Just bliss. Pure bliss.
  • Close your eyes and float. Let the water push you back to shore. Rest and be carried. You are safe you are loved and you deserve to just be!!!!
  • When you arrive back at the shore. Repeat.

I love you all and thank you for celebrating yesterday. Hope your day had some cheer!!! 

Happy Floating!!!

Send us your favorite life recipe to share with our circle of friends!


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