Weekend in The Big Easy!!

Last weekend was one of those sweet surprises. All of the stars lined up and Bob and I got to hop in the car and meet a dear friend in New Orleans.

Sissy and I have been fast friends since 9th grade. WOW, don’t stop and count the years but that is up there with a couple of 3 decades or more.

Well, the two of us not only suffered through driver’s education together…we also ended up at Florida State for a couple of years so our chapters go on and on. 

Weddings, children, and all of those life chapters have unfolded and now we find ourselves with a lot of really funny memories and stories that could fill a novel.  I am certain Oprah would put it on her list of “favorite summer reads!”

Sissy and Steve
So Sissy has started dating this new guy…and I reported to her that none of this can continue unless I meet him and give him my long list of questions to see if he passes the test of actually being her “boyfriend.” So we have been working on meeting in the middle of Alabama and Texas since last spring.

Sometimes it takes these small and crazy comments to actually put the ball in motion. Ironically, my son’s girlfriend’s mother (did you follow that…it gets worse) works with someone whose mother owns an apartment in New Orleans. The best part of that confusing line of connections is that both of the women are also named Nancy…so the magical Nancy connection lands us an apartment in the French Quarter for the weekend.

If you know me, you know I will pack a suitcase and hit the road in a moments notice...and Sissy is the same!!! So last Thursday Bob and I hit the road. The best part of this story is that when I finished getting the details from Nancy (the generous apartment owner) I happened to include that I have this company…we make bracelets ..and I want to make you a bracelet to thank you for sharing your special place in New Orleans. Now I send these little notes to people often when I feel that they are extending a gift to me and I want to repay them…and I am always a tiny bit nervous. I know that everyone is not into the “healing knots” mission. So, I send the note and know that sometimes it is met with silence and sometimes it is met with a new friend that has a place in her heart for what we are doing here with Healing Knots. Nancy happen to be one of those people that fell in love with what Healing Knots stands for. She sent me a note back that gave me chills. She wanted to order bracelets for her friends that were going through tough times, friends that had lost a dear family member and friends at work that were facing loss. It was so beautiful. This tiny moment that two hearts came together not…knot!!!...knowing that we had kindred spirits. The Healing Knots circle just keeps growing. Simple wooden beads with knots on elastic that can touch your heart and tell your story. It will forever make me smile. 

A rare moment where the mouths were closed and the constant gabbing took a rest
We love New Orleans and we both love sharing Healing Knots. So not only have I had a chance to see an “old” friend, meet her new love…I have also made a new friend.

Oh, this is a summer of travel, bracelets and amazing memories.

Thank you Nancy for an amazing stay in your “Lily Pad.”

I hope your bracelet makes you as happy as my weekend in New Orleans made me.

Corinne, Sissy and Steve
AND…..Sissy we love your new beau.  Steve is amazing and rocks his “knots!”

Happy summer, pack your suitcase and go find new friends.  They are out there!

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  1. Oh my God... I love this so much! Thank you so much CPC for a wonderful weekend and the continual uplifting of my soul. You are a pure treasure and I am so lucky we found each other so long ago! Thinking of you always but especially as I am wearing my charmed necklaces and healing knots bracelets including "big beads with a HEART on"! I love you and yours tons and tons. xoxoxoxox