Warrior For Grief

When I was just stumbling through the first few months of grief I came across an article in Psychology Today magazine that talked about grief in a new way. It gave permission for you to just feel the pain and not to get caught up in the stages. I looked at the little bio on the author of the article...his name was Worth Kilcrease and he lived in Austin. It is beyond me that I had any energy to reach out at that time, but I did. I wrote him an email and asked him if he had any recommendations of books to read that might guide me to healing. He responded so kindly and directed me to his website which is a bounty of information, articles, and book titles for those that are trying to understand, survive and navigate the wave of loss and grief. 

Fast forward a year, I am cleaning out my emails because my inbox is so full I am getting “underwater” warnings from the email provider. I truly fear that water will start pouring out of my screen!!!

Worth Kilcrease, MBA, MA, LPC, FT
At the very bottom of the pile is an email to Worth. I open it to be reminded of who in the world this was…and what a surprise. It was a year later and I was in the throws of Healing Knots. It occurred to me that maybe I should share Healing Knots with Worth. Why??? I have no idea. So I email him and explain that a year ago we had corresponded. Most of all, I wanted to share the healing journey that had happened to me. We exchange a couple of emails and decide to meet for coffee to brainstorm the possibilities of Healing Knots working with the “grief community” that he was so well connected with in Austin. I explain that I will be the woman sitting at a table with a pile of bracelets!!! No joke.

Worth's office is adorned with hand motifs
It was like a movie…two strangers meeting that had corresponded and having no idea if there was anything more to talk about. As Worth sat down with his coffee it was as if we had been friends for years. His kind soul, warm smile and caring heart could warm the coldest winter day. We talked and shared and he wanted to know more about the bracelets. I gave him a bracelet, and as he left the coffee shop, I had tears in my eyes seeing this man of great wisdom having the courage to put on a silly bracelet made of wood and knots. But, Worth saw the healing, beauty and symbolism of my bracelets. He was moved and touched by the whole story of Healing Knots.

We continue to meet and have coffee. We discuss ways that Healing Knots can help more people and touch more hearts. How can this feeling of love, support and comfort get to those who have their hearts cracked wide-open?  How can this simple symbol of comfort be shared with those that need the tiniest of gestures to help them make it through another day?

Worth Kilcrease with his Healing Knots bracelet
Emily and I went to Worth’s office in Austin to take some pictures. He shared his many qualifications and why he counsels those dealing with end of life chapters and bereavement. He says in his very joyful way, “What I see when someone comes in is not where they 'are' but where they 'can be'. Where they are is temporary. I am given the opportunity to be with them until they get back to a place that is more familiar. But they are not going to be the same person. Being with them during that transformation process, most of the time, is a way for their lives to become enriched. As the grief is processed, it becomes more of a journey of how important the concept of living and life is opposed to just existing.”

Worth has all of the qualifications. He was in the finance industry for 25 years prior to hearing his calling to work in the field of End-of-Life and Bereavement Counseling. He has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from St. Edwards University. He is a certified Fellow in Thanatology with the ADEC (Association of Death Education and Counseling). He is one of 10 certified Thanatologists in the state of Texas. But more than anything else, there is something so deep, true and joyful about Worth.

As I ran today and thought about how to introduce Worth, I realized he is like a superhero. He goes to a place that most people want to avoid forever. He is a true Warrior for Grief. He will sit through the darkest chapters and hold the space for the glory that follows. This is his gift and he says he is never saddened by his work; he only sees light.

Two amazing Healing Knots bracelet wearers!!!
Worth visiting a friend, Jill Brasch, in New Mexico!
Healing Knots is so proud to include Worth in our circle of friends, bracelet wearers and professionals. Please share his website if you know anyone who is struggling with loss of any kind. Call him if you need to talk or meet a new friend. If you see this bracelet around town…know that you are in amazing company.  Offer him a cup of coffee; you will be amazed by his gifts and joy!!!


Quotes from Worth's website:

"Where you stumble, there your treasure lies."
-Joseph Campbell

"Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."
-Lao Tzu

"The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears."
-Minquass Nation Proverb

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