The Best Things in Life Just Happen

One week ago today, I loaded up my car to move from the only place I've ever called home. Packing as many random tidbits into my car as I could, I needed to make one last trip to my parents' house before hitting the road.

A snapshot of my parents' land. A little place I like to call home. 
I should preface this by saying I have always lived in Austin. It has been my loving home for the last 22 years. And it will continue to be my home. I just will be living in a different city for awhile.

It was 9:30 AM last Tuesday, when I made the last pilgrimage to my parents' house, about 40 minutes outside of town. With a car full of stuff, I drove towards home. I started thinking about how hard it is going to be to move away from my parents. I started thinking about how much I will miss the comfortable feeling I get when I'm in my city. I started thinking about leaving my friends. Especially Corinne. We started this adventure together, and here I am heading to a different city without her. This means I can't just drive 20 minutes over to her porch, where the sun shines and the wine practically pours itself. I thought of all of our crazy, silly times and how they wouldn't be as frequent as I am used to.

As I continued my drive, I got this sudden calling, if you will. Before I could even fathom or debate this decision, I was pulling into McDonald's. Of all places to spend my last hours in my city, my car was heading towards McDonald's. For coffee. I don't really drink coffee often, let alone go to McDonald's for it.

Yet, there I was. In the line. Pulling up towards the window. I hand the cashier my debit card when I spot something even more familiar than the city itself. On his wrist. I think to myself, "There is no way...this guy couldn't possibly be wearing..."

And then I saw the knots. And I knew it was exactly what I thought it was.

"Is that a Healing Knots bracelet by any chance??"

"I don't know, my friend just gave it to me."

"I can't even believe this is happening. My friend made that bracelet that is on your wrist."

Here I am. About to make a huge life change. Sitting in a place I never go to, and there is a bracelet. Resisting the urge to tell this poor kid my life story and how Corinne and I are connected, I just ask to take a picture and kindly thank him for making my day.

There aren't even words to describe how I found myself at that random McDonald's, at that time of day, ordering something I never do. But, it was the best reminder: even though I am leaving my home, I will never be leaving behind the things that mean the most. I am so grateful for the love that Corinne has spread via these bracelets throughout the city, state, country and world! No matter how far away I go, there will always be a Healing Knots bracelet to let me know I am knot alone.

Healing Knots Houston Satellite Office is open for business!

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