Adventure Girl

If I could be a Super Hero….I would be “Adventure Girl.”

Always on the search for a new adventure…to see a new place, meet a new friend, find a new way to live life.

Well, “adventure” knocked on my door last week…and I answered, “Yes!”

My neighbor across the street needed someone to drive her car and her dog to her family’s cabin in Boulder, Colorado. She had just had knee surgery 6 weeks earlier and her doctor was not a fan of her making the trek. The two of us were brainstorming what her options could be, who did I know that could brave the two days on the road to get her dog and car to her safely?

And Barbara, my neighbor, got a big smile on her face and said….“YOU… Corinne, how about an all-expense paid trip to Boulder???”

OH MY! I have always wanted to visit her in Colorado and kids, work, plane tickets had always gotten in the way. But, this felt like a great way to help her and also have my very favorite thing….an Adventure!

So last Wednesday morning I packed my bags and beads in her car, loaded Laurie (her dog!!) in the backseat and we were off.

The two of us flying solo down the road.  No schedule, no worries, just wide-open road and blue skies.

The weather was perfect and we were two free spirits. 

It is a special time in your life when an invitation to drive alone with a dog for 2 solid days feels like a gift. The timing was perfect and this opportunity felt like a dream come true.

The hours passed, the road names changed, Laurie slept and I just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I just drove.

It was so peaceful, quiet and calm.

An 18-wheeler with "Keith" on the back of it

We made it to Amarillo for the first night, checked into our hotel, had dinner and went to sleep.  Laurie wandered around the hotel room most of the night realizing that I was not her “mother” and we were not at home. Not great sleep for either of us, so we crawled back into the car really early and got back to business...driving.

Watching the sunrise on the barren west Texas landscape was breathtaking and magical.  It was a new day and we were on adventure again!

Laurie was now going to sleep another day until we pulled into a familiar driveway – food, water and bathroom breaks were being ignored. She was on strike. I was on Adventure.

I drove and drove – the landscape was empty, dry and stark. It felt safe and still. Nothing living out there it was just rocks, dirt, tumbleweed and road ahead of us.
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and we kept going.

The mountains appeared about the 7th hour of our drive that day. It began to feel like we were entering a painting. So gorgeous, so tall, amazing art that was framing us.

Making us feel so small.

We pulled into Barbara’s driveway around 6:00pm. Laurie magically comes back to life – all organs functioning and ready for food.

Barbara and Laurie reunited in Boulder, CO
I step out of the car onto the lush green grass and feel the power and beauty of the mountains welcoming us home. So tall, so strong, all around us.

Adventure complete.

2 days of solitude.

Dog, bracelets, and a long road ahead of us. Time to just daydream and be still. I hope you get some time alone this summer and an invitation for adventure.  There are no words – just space and time with yourself.

It is so refreshing.

Thank you Barbara for my magical adventure of 2 days of driving to the mountains. I am refreshed.

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