Turning the Page

While it's been quiet around here since our Arkansas trip, I promise it hasn't been for nothing! I've been working hard to finish up school and I can now officially say that I am done. I graduated on Saturday with a BA in Graphic Design from St. Edward's University! It's been a crazy journey leading up to the moment when I walked across the stage.

In the last four years I have:
-doubted myself more times and I am willing to admit
-called my parents crying saying I was giving up
-stayed up way too late to finish projects
-procrastinated way too much
-cried for no reason
-laughed for every reason
-slacked off 
-worked incredibly hard to make up for said slacking 
-learned lessons inside the classroom and out
-made friends and drifted from others
-tested myself in so many ways I didn't think possible
-started to figure out what I want out of life

Now that everything is done, I keep thinking of how it was a ceremonious end to a chapter of my life. I've been freaking out, wondering what I am going to do, where I will end up...every little question that college grads turn over in their minds. But, then I realized that ending a chapter is only a turn of the page.

Over the course of this week, I will be sharing lessons that I learned over the last four years. Happy Monday and Congrats to all of the grads out there!

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