My Friend, Horses and "Go Outside!"

This is a Healing Knots bracelet that I gave a friend of mine…My friend was going through a rough chapter.  I had no idea she was struggling.  She lives in Florida and we were sorority sisters many, many years ago.  We spoke on the phone one day and I asked what had been going on with her over the last year since we had spoken.  She shared what was a really rough chapter both professionally and personally.  This was when I myself had only a few ounces of energy to get up each morning…she has told me what I said to her and it is still amazing that my own struggles spoke directly to her.  She said that I told her to – “Go Outside.”  Just sit and look for animals, bugs, anything.  It will open your heart and bring you joy.  Then I asked her what her favorite color was she said, “Yellow!”  So I quickly made her a bracelet with anything yellow I could find and sent it to her.  The being outside and making bracelets was all I could do at that point…it was the thing that brought me back every day.  I found such healing in the glory and riches of the outside world.

I also told her to go buy yellow flowers and put them all over her house…just one flower in a cup by her bed, in her bathroom, on her table.  I looked up the power of yellow and it said it was the “happiest color of the rainbow.”  So my friend was trying to heal.  She had no idea she had chosen the best color to start lifting her heart.  I also, introduced her to Animal Totems and that animals are here to share messages with us as well.  We could call each other and laugh about different bugs, pests, birds that we were seeing.  This was just our simple way to start feeling joy and celebrating life again.

The day I told her to go outside she saw a dragonfly and she was so moved by the beauty of this creature.  She then booked a trip to Vermont for vacation.  When she pulled up to her hotel the yard was filled with yellow flowers and then a dragonfly almost landed on her.  She says to this day that was the comfort she needed to know she was at the right place to rest and feel peace.

These silly signs of colors and animals can heal you.  Go outside, just sit and see what is out there…it is so good for us.  My friend has been such a gift for me with her honest and open heart.  Her reflections of life and healing have been so raw and so dear as I, too, navigate my journey back to myself.

These pictures she sent me yesterday…she is horseback riding now.  She finds amazing peace by being with horses.  She has never ridden before or even been around horses.  Something in her heart lead her to them and it is bringing her such joy.  Keep riding, keep sharing and know that you are becoming an amazing person as you feel new things and dig deeper into your heart!!!!  My friend has demonstrated courage to step out of her scientific and rational thinking to start living deeper and feeling more…I am so proud of her!

I love you KC!!!


Animal Totems:
Dragonfly: flighty and carefree, strong imagination, higher aspirations
Horse: freedom, stamina, mobility, the land, travel, power and freedom

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