Mother's Day 2014

Mother’s Day has always been hard for me. I lost my own Mother when I was 9 years old so it holds a place of pain and sadness that she has been gone so long. Her love was so large, so true and so powerful that I know she has been with me all of these years. Also, my life with her was so full of her attention, her adventures and her love for life that she planted those seeds in me and I am forever thankful that she has never left my heart. She watches over me and helps me from a much higher place. And I have always felt her love and connection. Most of all, she planted mothers in my life that showed up and loved me like I was one of their own. She gave me two big sisters that were rocks for me and Keith during the early years of losing her. She had 2 sisters and a baby brother of her own that scooped us up and held all 4 of us close. Her baby brother married a woman that to this day is there for me and held my brother’s hand every step of the way. Everyone needs an Aunt Gladys like the one I know and love!!! My Mother found a way to place people in my life that loved me with no questions, no boundaries and no limitations. They supported me through the tough times and fed me when I was hungry. I eventually began to realize I was so very lucky, that now the struggle for me on Mother’s Day is how do I thank all of my Mothers? I have sooo many, and I want to go hug them and bring them fresh cut flowers and sit with them and let them know how much I cherish what they did for that skinny little girl in Alabama that needed someone to care…and they did…all of them, again and again and even still today.

Now, that I am a mother….Mother’s Day is overwhelming. First of all, to imagine that I have received this gift of 3 children is something that words will never begin to explain. That I found a man that would support me as I opened my own chapter of becoming a “Mother” and honor my desire and privilege to do so…not once, not twice, but three times!!!! What was I thinking..ha ha!!

To see these 3 human beings growing into their own unique people with pieces of me, pieces of their father, their grandparents and their own unique combinations….My list of thankfuls on Mother’s Day has gotten so long it is truly breathtaking. I have also watched my children have other people love them as if they were their own. SO I watch them get love from a friend’s mother or a friend of mine that can…scoop them up in a different way that works better…than what I might be doing for them at that time. I want to thank all of those women for helping me fulfill my own responsibilities as a mother. IT is such a huge job.

I want to make a list….and it will go on and on…but, it is what is true and if you have a minute…and need to remember how many Mothers that you have….maybe you haven’t spoken to them in years…but, your ‘thank you” will melt their heart. I did receive a phone call from a 20 year old this week. He is at college…and wanted to thank me for all of those years he spent at our house…He said, “you guys are my second family.” NOW…who needs a mother’s day card or a gift..that one went straight to my heart!!! And THAT  is what fills us up and gives us the courage to face another day!!! That is the gift of being a mother.

Here is to all mothers, aunts, teachers, sisters, neighbors, babysitters, friends that reach out and love a child….touching their heart and helping them grow, picking them up when they need a hand and giving them the gift of comfort. We are all mothers and sometimes we never know who to thank for helping us along our journey of life…there are so many out there.


Callie, Mimama, Ellise, Torri, Angela, Hallie Hodge, Aunt Gladys, Aunt Jane, Aunt Barbara, Barbara Spitzer, Jeanne Bross, Betty Lou Lacey, Mali Moore, Lou Lacey, “Shirley,” Patsy, Linda Abele, Pat Cargnoni,  Laurie Anderson, Susan M., Cathy Thompson, Allison M., Peg T., Beth S., Chris Pruitt, Sharon C.,  Trudy D. , Leslie W., Julie W. Laurie P. Patty R., Jill D., Sue L., Sissy B., Ginna, Kimmie, Maria, Karen C., Cheryl, Lisa Tune, Momma Tune, Dottie, Helene, Angela D., Shirley K., Nancy W., Cheryl Mac., Kerrin, Kristin “Biz,” Meredith, Tricia S., Eileen, Cornelia, Sharon T., Emily L., Dawn B., Sandra B., Barb R., Nancy W., Betsy G., Barbara G., Marci W., Rebecca, Erin, Barbara, Bobbi, Jane C., Carol Sharp, Linda Fussell, Carol N., Gerri K., Sandie B., Ellise P., Dean, Tracy E., my heart overflows…..My list truly keeps going and going …I will keep writing…and thanking.

Most of all, I sit outside listening to the ocean…and thank “mother nature” for another glorious day!!!! So many mothers…..So many gifts!!!!

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