Life Lessons: Be Yourself

The best part of this reflection of life lessons that I learned throughout college is that they all happened outside of the classroom. While college is meant to bring you to a higher level of education, so much of it is also about growing. 

My classic weirdness, 2010
Freshman year at St. Ed's marked a lot of firsts for me. I was in the same city I was raised in, but I was getting to see it from a different perspective; I was getting to be an "adult." I had been in the same school district K-12, so the people I was surrounded with had watched me grow up. Moving away from that bubble meant that I didn't have to try to fit into anyone else's standards anymore. I was able to be me.  

Exercising my weird by making finger doodles in lectures, 2010
Not that I wasn't me throughout the first 18 years of my life, but it's definitely different when you are in high school and trying to fit in. Starting at university meant that I could just be me, and whoever I might find along the way would have to take me as I am. I'm a weird, fun-loving, sarcastic, Beyonce-obsessed individual, and being able to let all of that hang out at school was amazing.

St. Edward's, thanks for letting me be me. Thanks for letting me be a little weird.

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