The Gift of an Ordinary Day

In 2011, a friend from work shared one of her favorite books with me.  It was The Gift of An Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison.

It was a wonderful book to cozy up to every night.  Katrina has an amazing voice. She writes from her heart and she tells it just like it is.  She is a mother of two boys, a writer, a yogi, a wife and a woman trying to really balance all of the balls in the air.  I would read her book as my boys stumbled through the high school years. My boys are real teenagers. They do all of the “age appropriate” lessons that keep you on your toes at all times. Katrina wrote about her two boys and they were beginning to be those “perfect” boys. They made the good grades, they did as they were told and they excelled in music, sports and everything they touched. At times, it was too painful to read her book...then she continued to tell the truth. And eventually, her life started to get real...and that means dealing with some challenges. The bumps of life, parenting, marriage and a little more of that real stuff. It finally felt good to get back to the book...because it felt real and true.

Katrina keeps writing books....her latest is Magical Journey...and it is magical.  Her life continues to include so many levels of depth, truth and sweetness. She is another Healing Knots favorite.  She will make you feel like you have met a new friend.  She will comfort you and lift you up again and again.

Find one of her books...or look at her blog...she gave me daily inspiration to keep marching on during those days when my heart was so heavy. I would take a minute and just glance at her blog...and she would be that sweet voice of a friend that understands. She shares so many things from other books, poems, her world is so interesting.

Healing Knots is so happy to introduce you to Katrina and her magical words.

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