Thank You

Healing Knots and a great shirt from Fayettechill!
Emily and I got home last night around midnight from an amazing road trip to Arkansas. Healing Knots was invited into the Marketing Classroom at The University of Arkansas. Molly Rapert the Director, Center for Teaching Efffectiveness at the University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business had asked for permission to use Healing Knots as her students' senior project to practice their marketing skills.

We were to meet at room 239 at 9:30 AM for our first class.  Five perspectives of the business were to be presented to us from 2 different classes.

I was sweating, Emily was laughing and the sun was shining.

We walked across campus and you could feel the energy of college students getting to class, saying hi to friends, and the overall energy of young minds seeking knowledge.

We settled into the back of the classroom and the students kept filing in. The room filled and it was quiet. Everyone in the room was there to share. Everyone was talking about something that they had discovered could take Healing Knots to a larger audience. I tried to take in this whole experience. Truly, it was overwhelming.

So many young minds that know so much more than I do about today’s world. So many lives that were about to head out into the world and do great things...and they were there telling us about their ideas for Healing Knots.

Emily and I just kept giggling, nodding our heads, and our hearts were filling. This amazing journey of healing continues.

Emily and I would like to thank Molly for including Healing Knots in her classroom and sharing it with her amazing students. We learned so much from all of you. We felt love in that room that was so powerful and supportive. We want to thank all of the students for all their time, energy and thoughts that went into their projects and presentations. We heard about new ideas, websites, blogspots, hashtags, healing organizations, opportunities for outreach, celebrations, Pinterest, Twitter, Vlogging, and words that I am still Googling to understand.

We listened, laughed, and shared....something amazing was happening in that classroom in Fayetteville. So many worlds, minds and hearts coming together on that gorgeous Tuesday in April. Yesterday was a day to remember forever. Each of you filled us up and breathed more life into the journey of Healing Knots.

Thank you for sharing your hearts,  thoughts and marketing ideas. We are both overwhelmed with your gifts and ideas. Please keep in touch.

Healing and Joy to all of you! 
-Corinne, Emily and Healing Knots!!!


  1. Unbelievable! So wish I had been with you!! I am just so happy and proud for you. xoxo

  2. Gave me chills! So happy and proud of you for following the nudge to step into doors that are opening. Sounds like a wonderful experience!! Just awesome...