For the Love of Books

While in Fayetteville on our big adventure, we wandered in to Dickson Street Bookshop. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall books. We found an entire section on Knots and of course used the opportunity for a bracelet photo shoot.

In case you were unaware, knots are knots...
We also found some great, simple poetry books by Susan Polis Schutz. After our bookstore stop, we sat on a rooftop reading and laughing and finding inspiration in the sweetest words. 

We can't wait to share more of Susan's words with you. Happy Friday, friends! 


Thank You

Healing Knots and a great shirt from Fayettechill!
Emily and I got home last night around midnight from an amazing road trip to Arkansas. Healing Knots was invited into the Marketing Classroom at The University of Arkansas. Molly Rapert the Director, Center for Teaching Efffectiveness at the University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business had asked for permission to use Healing Knots as her students' senior project to practice their marketing skills.

We were to meet at room 239 at 9:30 AM for our first class.  Five perspectives of the business were to be presented to us from 2 different classes.

I was sweating, Emily was laughing and the sun was shining.

We walked across campus and you could feel the energy of college students getting to class, saying hi to friends, and the overall energy of young minds seeking knowledge.

We settled into the back of the classroom and the students kept filing in. The room filled and it was quiet. Everyone in the room was there to share. Everyone was talking about something that they had discovered could take Healing Knots to a larger audience. I tried to take in this whole experience. Truly, it was overwhelming.

So many young minds that know so much more than I do about today’s world. So many lives that were about to head out into the world and do great things...and they were there telling us about their ideas for Healing Knots.

Emily and I just kept giggling, nodding our heads, and our hearts were filling. This amazing journey of healing continues.

Emily and I would like to thank Molly for including Healing Knots in her classroom and sharing it with her amazing students. We learned so much from all of you. We felt love in that room that was so powerful and supportive. We want to thank all of the students for all their time, energy and thoughts that went into their projects and presentations. We heard about new ideas, websites, blogspots, hashtags, healing organizations, opportunities for outreach, celebrations, Pinterest, Twitter, Vlogging, and words that I am still Googling to understand.

We listened, laughed, and shared....something amazing was happening in that classroom in Fayetteville. So many worlds, minds and hearts coming together on that gorgeous Tuesday in April. Yesterday was a day to remember forever. Each of you filled us up and breathed more life into the journey of Healing Knots.

Thank you for sharing your hearts,  thoughts and marketing ideas. We are both overwhelmed with your gifts and ideas. Please keep in touch.

Healing and Joy to all of you! 
-Corinne, Emily and Healing Knots!!!


Easter in Arkansas

From Texas to Arkansas! We couldn't forget our Big Girl Panties.

Stay tuned for the details of our trip and Spring Bracelet Giveaway!


The Gift of an Ordinary Day

In 2011, a friend from work shared one of her favorite books with me.  It was The Gift of An Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison.

It was a wonderful book to cozy up to every night.  Katrina has an amazing voice. She writes from her heart and she tells it just like it is.  She is a mother of two boys, a writer, a yogi, a wife and a woman trying to really balance all of the balls in the air.  I would read her book as my boys stumbled through the high school years. My boys are real teenagers. They do all of the “age appropriate” lessons that keep you on your toes at all times. Katrina wrote about her two boys and they were beginning to be those “perfect” boys. They made the good grades, they did as they were told and they excelled in music, sports and everything they touched. At times, it was too painful to read her book...then she continued to tell the truth. And eventually, her life started to get real...and that means dealing with some challenges. The bumps of life, parenting, marriage and a little more of that real stuff. It finally felt good to get back to the book...because it felt real and true.

Katrina keeps writing books....her latest is Magical Journey...and it is magical.  Her life continues to include so many levels of depth, truth and sweetness. She is another Healing Knots favorite.  She will make you feel like you have met a new friend.  She will comfort you and lift you up again and again.

Find one of her books...or look at her blog...she gave me daily inspiration to keep marching on during those days when my heart was so heavy. I would take a minute and just glance at her blog...and she would be that sweet voice of a friend that understands. She shares so many things from other books, poems, her world is so interesting.

Healing Knots is so happy to introduce you to Katrina and her magical words.


Cowgirl Chef

This is a cookbook that Healing Knots LOVES....we LOVE the recipes (especially if you have a husband, boyfriend or friend that will make them for you!!!), we love the stories that are written in between the recipes, we love the pictures of Paris, but most of all we love the chef and author – Ellise Pierce.

She is a yoga girl, blue jean wearing , boot kickin’, sassy talkin’, always travelin’ and great cookin’ girl!!!!  She can be found in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Paris, France most of the time...she has sent me emails from a tiny hotel room in Brussells (not her favorite) and she visits family and friends in Texas, too.

BUT, she wears a Healing Knots bracelet at all times we have been told!!  For that reason alone GO BUY HER COOKBOOK....or at least start reading her blog.

It is a great way to learn a new trick in the kitchen, have a huge laugh or just feel like you are on adventure!  You will feel like you found a new friend.

On our menu this week: Fish Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa!!

Healing Knots loves the Cowgirl Chef, Ellise Pierce, and we think you will, too.

8th Grade

Picture this...8th grade, Friday after school in April..only 3 more weeks of school and you are done with middle school forever!!!

5 of your favorite friends get off of the bus at your house and you have snacks, laugh, and get ready for a fun Friday night of being 14 and carefree!!! Now picture this group of girls in 20 years still calling each other to share stories about work, marriage, children or just something that reminded you of how special your friendship was because it started back when you were 14 hanging in the backyard on a Friday after school!!!

I recently had the thrill of meeting a high school friend and we both had our 14 year old daughters with us. We buzzed about town and had a really fun lunch.  All of us far away from home  coming together to celebrate a friendship between two girls that first met when they were 14!!!

 As Emily and I got Hallie and her 5 friends to model the Healing Knots Graduation bracelets it made me realize how wonderful it felt to feel friendship in the air.  The laughter, the all talking at the same time, the leggings and big t-shirts.  As I looked at these gorgeous young women loving the moment with each other I could not help but ponder which of these girls will be in my daughter’s life when she herself has a 14 year old?  Which of these girls will stay friends and be there for each other when their heart is broken or they lose someone or something and they need comfort.  These are the friendships that start at this very young age and stay in your heart forever.

Meeting my friend and her daughter in Houston reminded me of those days of talking on the phone until midnight....what in the world could we have had to talk about for so many hours.  And the boyfriends, stories about our siblings, parents that we have lost...all of it a piece of our history that we hold for each other. 

These are the heart connections that keep us going when so much happens to us.  When we get married, when we start a new job, when marriages end, parents die, life throws a big fat curve ball.  When you have not spoken in years and you make that phone call because this one friend will answer and you will pick up where you left off and it will feel like you haven’t missed a beat.  These friendships from long ago can appear and repair your soul like no other!!!

My friend and her daughter flew back to Alabama and of course, she had a bracelet on her wrist. I wanted her to know that I am always with her and that our hearts are close even though we live miles apart.That bracelet on her right wrist will hug her wrist like I wish I could hug her neck whenever she needs to feel supported.

The Healing Knots bracelet that each of these girls were wearing yesterday reminded me of how precious it is to have a friend to “hold” your secrets, your heart and the memories that no one else knows about when you grow up and move on.

Here is to friends that we have known for a long time. Here is to graduating from 8th grade and feeling on top of the world.  But, most of all here is to friends that stay with you forever and love you no matter what!


Think You Can


"You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations in your own mind as to what you cannot do. Don't think you cannot. Think you can."
-Darwin P. Kingsley


The Secret


"The secret of making something work in your life is, first of all, the deep desire to make it work: then the faith and belief that it can work: then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief."
-Eileen Caddy



Bluebonnets, Light and Happiness

After a dark week, mentally and weather-wise, it was time for some color; time to let the light in. These are some of the new Spring designs, with a pop of color! Those accent beads are the perfect reminder of letting the light in and freshening the dreariness with color.

Latte beads | Navy elastic | Orchid accents

Mixed Emotions beads | Navy elastic | Carolina Blue accents

Natural beads | Chardonnay elastic | Hot pink and one turquoise accent

Latte beads | Chardonnay elastic | Kiwi accents

Latte beads | Merlot Elastic | Hunter Green accents 

Mixed Emotions beads | Chardonnay elastic | Turquoise accents