Natural and Effortless: Sarah Barter's Art

Artist Sarah Barter
I moved to Austin a year ago from Syracuse, NY, where I grew up and had lived for the previous 6 years. My new boss was kind enough to recommend a real estate agent, Angela D’Andrea, with whom I developed a friendship. During a fun little Happy Hour last Spring, Angela introduced me to Corinne and we immediately hit it off! I’m lucky to call these two ladies my friends, and feel so blessed to be a featured artist on the Healing Knots blog.

My art has always had a strong connection to my emotions and mood, I truly put pieces of myself into everything I create. These watercolor mosaics are a combination of what I most desire and strive to feel: happy, joyful, free, wishful, connected, hopeful, with my love of color and the playful organic nature of abstract watercolor. The energetic character of these elements juxtaposed with my need for control, as evident in the straight lines and angles of the pieces I cut are, on a deeper level, a reflection of the constant struggle between my creative nature and trying to conform to the expectations of our society that wants everyone to fit in a pre-fabricated, pre-labeled little boxes.

I begin my process by creating the abstract watercolors- playing with design elements, saturation levels, and texturizing techniques. When I’ve completed that step, I add layers through the use of glitter and drawing intentional shapes in pen, highlighter, and marker. Next, I cut the paintings into strips and pieces, choosing the areas of the work that is most interesting to my eye to begin. Once I have the pieces I need, I begin to rearrange and assemble them into the mosaics by adhering them to black matte board. During reassembly, I draw on my love of puzzles and layering of colors and shapes. The pieces seem to tell me where they want to be and I just follow along.

For the first time in a long time, my art feels totally natural and effortless. When I allow myself into the flow of the work, it is so clear that I am simply doing what my soul is made to do.


Sarah is excited to join the Austin Art Scene and is showing her work in the group art show "The Third Space". The show is being held at Cement Loop in Austin on April 5 from 6-11 PM.

This framed piece of Sarah's is at Corinne's house and is the sweetest reminder of gratitude
The same gratitude design tattooed on Sarah's wrist with her Healing Knots!

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