Straight From the Heart: Lava Hearts

The "I Love You a Latte" Bracelet
Some of you may remember a story I posted about my "I Love You a Latte" bracelet. I remember when Corinne gifted this bracelet to me, I was in awe of how magnetic such a seemingly green heart could be. I wore it day in and day out, receiving several compliments asking about that special heart.

Healing Knots is now offering the Lava Hearts as an addition to custom bracelets! The lava rock is an incredibly powerful stone. It was once solely fire, so if you need a little fire in your life, a lava heart might just be what speaks to you. The fire energy is direct, powerful, impassioned and headstrong. Lava can blend a natural balance of the fire and the grounding of the earth.

Here are a few of the recent Lava Heart designs. 

The "Robin Hood /Steal Your Heart" Bracelet
"Jamaican Me Crazy"

To buy a lava love bracelet, email healingknots@gmail.com or call Healing Knots at 512-587-0129. $50 per bracelet!

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