Heart Girls

Jen on the left and Terry on the right, both with their Healing Knots. These friends are Heart Girls. Straight to the Heart. They know how to love and how to care.
Jennifer and Terry are the kind of friends you want to have when life dishes out crisis. Both dear friends, running partners, teammates on a crazy relay team (Ultra Chix), they really showed up when Keith died. Terry organized hundreds of meals, dozens of offers to help, and handled everything for me so I was free to receive the help without managing it. She came and did my dirty laundry. She cleaned my kitchen. She just knew what I needed. Jen was the same way. She spent a whole morning deep-cleaning the master bathroom, getting it more spic and span than it had been since we bought the house. She spent another morning on my pantry, transforming it into a functional, organized closet, and her only comment was that we had a "tea problem." (Esther's addiction, not mine.)

These girls haven't let up. This Wednesday they brought me lunch from one of my favorite lunch spots, Zoe's Kitchen. Both of my beautiful, athletic, loyal friends were wearing their Healing Knots bracelets. They love those bracelets--for how they look, how they feel, and what they mean. And I love them!

-written by Chris Pruitt

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