Healing Kids

Mexico Bracelet, Big Boy with a Heart *coming to the shop soon!*
Babysitting is one of my favorite ways to escape from being grown up...if I could even call myself that. There is so much innocence and it is fun to just let go of everything and think like a kid. Since I wear my Healing Knots everyday, in some variation or another, the kids always manage to play with them. I am so used to them hugging my wrist, that sometimes I feel as if they are part of me. When I reach for a toy or point at a part of the movie we are watching, there is always a moment in which these soft circles catch the children's eyes. And when they discover that the bracelets stretch, it is a game changer.

These photos were taken Monday during a building block session, which lead to the Healing Knots bracelet obsession. Without fail, the bracelets bring joy to yet another warm soul. Whoever said there were age restrictions on healing, anyway?

P.S. Have you checked out the site? And the shop? New ready-made bracelets will be added to the shop this week. If you have been thinking of ordering a bracelet, today is the day! Start your healing journey, my friends.

Much Love,

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