A Mug of Love

After I lost my brother, it was as if I could feel everyone’s pain. And pain is universal. It echoed in my soul that everyone was hurting for some reason. When I heard that an art teacher had lost her brother – all I could do was make a bracelet and get it to her. I had never met her – barely knew her name. Had never met her brother and did not know his name. And none of that matters....she lost her brother. Another broken hearted sister that lost her friend, someone that had known her all of her life. That is all I needed to know. So I sent her a bracelet.

At work I started hearing stories about people that had lost their brothers. And made them all bracelets with the number of beads for the ages that their brothers were when they died. I made a bracelet for Erin and one for Charlie. So many people have this story and they carry it in their heart. We are all joining a club and none of us want to be members.

 One day a package shows up at my front door. It is a beautiful red mug. On the side of the mug are these indentions. They look like tear drops falling in a trail...like a trail of tears. The bottom of the mug is signed by the artist. The color is so vibrant and when I hold it in the palm of my hand it curves to fit the shape of my hand perfectly. When I take a sip there is a ledge that you can rest your lip on and it is like someone is holding you to help you take a sip.; This is from the art teacher, she lives far away. She took my bracelet and pressed it in the clay. Her heart is broken and she misses her brother – and she gave me a piece of her heart, her art. Her name is Sage. I have never met her, but I know Sage has wisdom, is mysterious and can make a mug to order!!! This is what she wrote...”I loved my brother and was moved by the beads as a memory to hold on to. Just let God get the glory in this. Love is free and favors are not always meant to be returned. That is the beauty of our fragile lives as we encounter hills and valleys together.” One day I want to meet Sage and give her a hug. Thank you, Sage. Your gorgeous red mug looks like a beautiful heart on my kitchen table.

-Written by Corinne

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