Heart Girls

Jen on the left and Terry on the right, both with their Healing Knots. These friends are Heart Girls. Straight to the Heart. They know how to love and how to care.
Jennifer and Terry are the kind of friends you want to have when life dishes out crisis. Both dear friends, running partners, teammates on a crazy relay team (Ultra Chix), they really showed up when Keith died. Terry organized hundreds of meals, dozens of offers to help, and handled everything for me so I was free to receive the help without managing it. She came and did my dirty laundry. She cleaned my kitchen. She just knew what I needed. Jen was the same way. She spent a whole morning deep-cleaning the master bathroom, getting it more spic and span than it had been since we bought the house. She spent another morning on my pantry, transforming it into a functional, organized closet, and her only comment was that we had a "tea problem." (Esther's addiction, not mine.)

These girls haven't let up. This Wednesday they brought me lunch from one of my favorite lunch spots, Zoe's Kitchen. Both of my beautiful, athletic, loyal friends were wearing their Healing Knots bracelets. They love those bracelets--for how they look, how they feel, and what they mean. And I love them!

-written by Chris Pruitt


Healing Knots at Sanctuary

Chunky Monkey and Treasure Necklaces on display at Sanctuary!
Just rolling out one exciting Healing Knots announcement after another! We are proud to share with you that Healing Knots is now available at Sanctuary, a modern boutique off of Bee Caves Rd. Along with the classic wrap bracelets, Sanctuary carries Healing Knots products exclusively. Treasure Necklaces, Chunky Monkeys and Big Boys. These items are not yet available at the Healing Knots Shop, so be sure to stop by Sanctuary and check them out!

Big Boy Bracelets and Wrap Bracelets 
Big Boy Bracelet with an Antique Heart 
Big Boy Bracelet with a Heart Charm
Big Boy with a Heart Charm
Chunky Monkey Necklaces
Treasure Necklace: Faith, Hope and Love
Treasure Necklace: Faith, Hope and Love
Treasure Necklace: Coastal Charms 
Treasure Necklace: Love, Hope and Tears
Treasure Necklace: Hope, Love and Dreams


Healing Kids

Mexico Bracelet, Big Boy with a Heart *coming to the shop soon!*
Babysitting is one of my favorite ways to escape from being grown up...if I could even call myself that. There is so much innocence and it is fun to just let go of everything and think like a kid. Since I wear my Healing Knots everyday, in some variation or another, the kids always manage to play with them. I am so used to them hugging my wrist, that sometimes I feel as if they are part of me. When I reach for a toy or point at a part of the movie we are watching, there is always a moment in which these soft circles catch the children's eyes. And when they discover that the bracelets stretch, it is a game changer.

These photos were taken Monday during a building block session, which lead to the Healing Knots bracelet obsession. Without fail, the bracelets bring joy to yet another warm soul. Whoever said there were age restrictions on healing, anyway?

P.S. Have you checked out the site? And the shop? New ready-made bracelets will be added to the shop this week. If you have been thinking of ordering a bracelet, today is the day! Start your healing journey, my friends.

Much Love,


Official Site Announcement

The day has finally come! The official Healing Knots website launched today and with the launch of the site comes...online ordering! We will be continuously adding designs to the shop over the next week, but the ability to design your own wrap bracelet or single strand bracelet is now available!

Thank you all for your continuous support of Healing Knots and Happy Healing!


Swept Away by Dirt Sister

Dirt Sister and Little Dirt, 2005
My last semester of college I was able to select an internship to complete my course work. I decided I needed to get to California and fast...well, that turned out to be an amazing decision. Not only did I meet the man that I would marry the first week out there...I also, stumbled upon my “Dirt Sister.” Now, little do you realize that each and every one of us has a dirt sister or two. Mine happened to be this magical girl who is from my same dirt. My dirt is Alabama...Birmingham to be exact. Her dirt is outside of Huntsville in a town called Decatur.  She actually knows about “dirt.”  Her family has a farm in Alabama and they have been told that they have some of the finest dirt that the laboratories have ever tested.  The farm, dirt and my sister all go together to make this a story nestled deep in my heart.

So the Alabama Dirt Sisters found each other in Palo Alto, California in 1986.  Stanford Mall is a stunning place to spend some time retailing....I had just gotten a studio apartment and wanted to buy something to hang on the walls.  I stumbled into a little framing store and as I wrote my check the lady behind the counter asked for my driver’s license.  The Alabama license is all it took and the two Dirt Sisters were connected.  Lisa and I landed in each other’s lap and began to weave our stories of Alabama girls on the west coast.

After seeing this butterfly, Lisa wrote this piece and illustrated the moment beautifully, 2013
Lisa is an amazing artist.  She floats on a different level of creativity and her tender heart is so gentle and kind.  We would gather often and talk, eat pickles and cheese, sip wine and do what Alabama girls do best…talk a little more.  Lisa can talk about anything and everything and is so interesting because she gathers knowledge and experiences from all realms of life.

My life changed as I left California for the good ‘ole heat and humidity of Texas.  Lisa stayed in California.  We had a few visits over the years but, our lives just filled up and got busy.  Just as I had a younger brother that I loved with all of my heart and soul, Lisa had an older sister that was her one in a million heart connection.  Lisa and Annie were such a pair.  Time with those two would always leave you chuckling about some crazy Tune family habit or adventure. About the time my brother had been gone for a few months and I was crawling through the days, I received news that Annie had made a turn for the worse.  For the past few years Annie and Lisa had been on a healing mission to cure Annie of that demon Cancer as it tried to invade her.  The Cancer was winning and sweet Lisa was losing the fight.  She tenderly cared for her sister as she began to slip away.

The messenger swans on Lake Austin 
One day at work, I was at the lake and I saw 3 gorgeous swans.  I called Lisa and Annie to say the swans are like the three of us...they are gliding on the water and look so gorgeous.  This was the last day for our dear Annie.  The swans will always be the symbol of my friend and her sister.  Every time the swans return I take a picture and send it to Lisa.  They are messengers from the “other side.”  Keith and Annie are sending us these beautiful swans to remind us to keep finding beauty.

Original broom design by Dirt Sister, Lisa Tune circa 1997
The beauty of having Lisa, or Dirt, as I call her, journey down this path of grief with me has been the most therapeutic gift I could have ever imagined.  There were days where we would howl and cry on the phone, days that we just cussed and screamed, days where we both closed our eyes, lit a candle and said prayers to each other.  Nothing in the world could replace my Dirt!!!  She swept me away one year by making me this gorgeous broom she painted the handle and bore holes in the wood where she placed gorgeous marbles.  I have loved that broom since she gave it to me.  We still use it.  My Dirt Sister has swept me away with her art for years...but, she has now swept me away with being the most comforting, honest, refreshing friend to dig into our “dirt”  and pain -hopefully, we will both get to the other side of this and be back to our Dirt Sister adventures of pickles, wine, art and laughter.

Dirt Sister modeling her original Healing Knots Treasure Necklace "Peace, Hope and Love" 
"Peace, Hope and Love" Treasure Necklace

-written by Corinne Cargnoni


Straight From the Heart: Lava Hearts

The "I Love You a Latte" Bracelet
Some of you may remember a story I posted about my "I Love You a Latte" bracelet. I remember when Corinne gifted this bracelet to me, I was in awe of how magnetic such a seemingly green heart could be. I wore it day in and day out, receiving several compliments asking about that special heart.

Healing Knots is now offering the Lava Hearts as an addition to custom bracelets! The lava rock is an incredibly powerful stone. It was once solely fire, so if you need a little fire in your life, a lava heart might just be what speaks to you. The fire energy is direct, powerful, impassioned and headstrong. Lava can blend a natural balance of the fire and the grounding of the earth.

Here are a few of the recent Lava Heart designs. 

The "Robin Hood /Steal Your Heart" Bracelet
"Jamaican Me Crazy"

To buy a lava love bracelet, email healingknots@gmail.com or call Healing Knots at 512-587-0129. $50 per bracelet!


Bracelets without Borders: Healing Knots in Guatemala

This post is written by Denise who recently took another mission trip to Guatemala with Healing Knots bracelets in tow. You can read more of her adventures on her blog.

Agripina with her Healing Knots
This year when I went to Eagle's Nest, I had treasured bracelets that a dear friend made for the Mama's. Since my sweet friend started making them I have been proud to wear, share, and give away the ones she made for me.  Last June, she gave me a bracelet that had the exact number of beads as my birthday, so I could celebrate each year that I have lived and embrace where I am in life.  It was PERFECT.   When her brother passed away she began making bracelets. She found it helped her deal with the emptiness in her heart.  We have all been there. Losing a parent, a brother, a loved one, a dear friend...I remember when she first showed me a bracelet and shared from her heart we both had tears in our eyes.

Corinne explains, "I can tell a story in the beads, their numbers, their colors.  The knots in between each bead are where I find the most pleasure, each one is 'perfectly imperfect' just like us.  The knots give each bracelet character, just as each step of our lives defines us as unique.  As we "untie our knots" or troubles, you can feel the bracelet holding you and reminding you of your thoughts, hopes and prayers."

I am not a big believer in "closure" after losing someone.  My belief is that you learn to live through it and trust in God for comfort and healing that only he can bring.  Then you slowly begin to embrace the laughter, joy, and wonderful memories that are stored in your heart.  Wearing the bracelets have made me take a deep breath at times when I just needed to slow down.  They have made me aware of conversations and to "listen" more attentively.  Maybe a dear friend, acquaintance, travel partner, or a stranger needed the bracelet I was wearing more than me.  That was the hardest part at first because I love each bracelet, the different colors, and the story behind why it was on my wrist.

AnaPatricia, Antoinette, Mimi, Lorena, Conce, Luki, Agripina, Mariella with their bracelets
As I was preparing to go to Guatemala in January and serve at Eagle's Nest for a month, Corinne said she wanted to make bracelets for me to give away. I asked if she could make enough for me to take to the "Mama's" who lovingly care for all the kids.  Of course she said yes and made eighteen single strand bracelets for me these very special ladies.  It has been an honor to get to know them, love them, and work with them each time I am there.  They are a blessing in the children's lives, as well as mine. Although my Spanish is better, the Mama's and I have many laughs when I try to communicate some things. I knew it was best if Felis translated Corrine's story about the bracelets.  I noticed several of the ladies had tears in their eyes as she translated the story behind the bracelets.

Felis translating the Healing Knots story
I wanted them to know how special the bracelets were and that they were made specifically for them. Felis explained they may feel led to give to someone else along the way. (Heads up Corinne ~ that means I will need more for next year!) I wasn't sure if they would wear them immediately or put them in a pocket for later. But they all put them on and loved them!!

At one point, I had a handful of bracelets but during the holidays I got down to zero.  I requested a light colored one with a few dark beads to take on my trip.  I wore it everyday and was selfishly hoping I would make it home with it on my wrist...Didn't happen.  Pedro and I walked up the mountainside into the community behind the Home one afternoon to visit some of the families.  They all have children in the Manna feeding program so I see the children five days a week when they come for a hot meal and bible verse.  It is not like walking down a concrete sidewalk to get to a neighbors house where I live.  Nor or the homes equipped with heat, air, electric, running water, laundry machines, kitchens.  Bottom line, it is a different way of living than here.  It was great to meet the parents and siblings of so many of the children I have seen come to Manna the past few years.

This mom and her husband lived in a small room near what would be called the main house.  She scurried off and quickly appeared with this adorable six month old baby, dressed in his best clothes, and handed him over to me.  It was sooooo sweet.  I held him the entire time we were there.  Before we left, Pedro put the baby inside his duffle bag.  He fit perfectly and we all laughed and laughed.  He told them I am always wanting to put a  baby in my backpack and bring him home.  Wishful thinking I might add.  I thought we took a photo but I can't find it, was adorable.

The point of the story is that I felt led to give my bracelet to this sweet mom.  I don't know her story, if her husband works, how they make money to eat & buy clothes.  Nothing.  I do know they are God's children and I love them.  I took my bracelet off and communicated with her in my broken Spanish that I wanted her to have it.  Pedro then gave a quick background on the bracelet.  She had a big smile and I was so happy I had it to share.

Thank you Corinne.  Thank you for your loving, caring, heart and for these wonderful bracelets that are touching hearts all over the world, and now in Guatemala.  


Two-Toned Tawny

Meet Tawny and Max. They have been together for over 20 years. They have been best buddies for the majority of their lives. They follow each other around the stable and corral. If one is being ridden the other will whinny and stomp around because they aren’t together. Their stalls have always been side by side. They loved their horse home in Austin.

Kristin entered Tawny and Max’s lives in 2011. Her parents moved to Austin while she was away at college. She wasn’t thrilled that her parents moved. Then Kristin met their neighbor Denise, who owns Tawny and Max. Denise was injured and therefore unable to ride her horses. She asked Kristin to help take care of Tawny and Max whenever Kristin was home from school. Kristin, Tawny and Max quickly became soul mates. Kristin decided it was great that her parents had moved!

Max and Tawny followed Kristin everywhere. They would see her driving onto the property and run up to her car. Tawny was older and couldn’t be ridden much, but she would circle the outdoor arena while Kristin was riding Max. The two horses would talk to each other. It was wonderful to watch them communicate.

In November, Tawny got colicky. Tawny passed away quickly and left a void in many lives, including Denise, Kristin and Max. Max mourned terribly. He paced and walked aimlessly looking for Tawny. Kristin was devastated. Kristin’s mom wanted to find a way to help Kristin with the mourning process.

I arranged to have Healing Knots create a bracelet that would represent Tawny, Max and Kristin’s time together. Two-Toned Tawny has colors that represent the colors of both horses.  Kristin loves having the bracelet to remember her great times with both horses.

Now it is just Kristin and Max. They have learned to adjust to the fact that it is just the two of them now. Kristin and Max have a new normal. They still hear Tawny communicating with them as they ride like the wind around the arena. Tawny will always be with them. 

-photographs and story by Anne Morley


Meet Your Mailbox

Okay...this is what a mailbox looks like at 5:30 am. The other picture is what a shoe and flashlight look like at 5:30 am. I am the luckiest person in the world because I have a neighbor and friend that will meet me at her mailbox 5 days a week at 5:30 am or 6:00 am and head out for a run in the dark. I know that sounds really hideous to many of you that are still snuggled under your blankets. We did not ever think about making this a ritual in our lives. It has sort of happened to us. It began in a very different way.

We used to meet at the corner of the street every school day morning around 7:45 am. We did not do this with either of our first two children, but for the 3rd ones I think we started to feel a little softness in our hearts. Soft because we realized our babies were growing up and we had not been paying enough attention and it happened right under our noses...or soft because we realized if we let them leave we would be left alone in our houses with nothing to do but chores and work. So we started meeting at the bus stop when they were in Kindergarten. They are now 8th graders. I would sip my coffee in my running clothes deciding when I would actually commit to the pounding of my feet to the pavement..and one day I said, "Hey, Let's drop off our coffee mugs and head out for a run." Now I had been running daily since college and ONLY ran alone. So this was new for me. It was nice to have someone to chat with and discuss what was on our hearts and "to do" lists.

So fast forward to the third-borns growing up...It became very uncool for us to be at the bus stop. And as both of our lives shifted our mornings looked different, we had to take older kids to high school, we had to get ourselves to work and our morning runs were fading. So, I think I came up with this great idea. Eileen,  will you meet me early, in the dark and we can get our run done...She is the kindest person on the planet and she said, "yes." I have often thought she probably regrets that first "yes." But, we are now stuck in this silent commitment that is...wake up, throw on shoes and running clothes, grab a flashlight and meet me at the mailbox.

We did not always meet at her mailbox. Mind you, we have been doing this for so long many things have happened to us as we pounded out what was on our hearts and minds. We have run through elementary drama, middle school drama, high school drama and now college drama. We have run each other through family members with long term illness, the sad loss of parents, the tragic loss of a sibling, the agony of cancer hitting our own friends, but we started meeting at the mailbox when my neighbor found a lump. I could not believe my healthy running friend could have this story. I was so relieved that it was dark and we were running when she told me. I did not have to hide the raw emotion on my face. We ran with tears in our eyes that day. And all along repeating over and over...you are going to be okay. So I decided, if she is brave enough to make it to her mailbox during her treatment we can walk, run, skip, or just sit there and stare at the moonlight and say a prayer.

Well, that brave girl woke up and ran and meet me at her mailbox. She ran everyday. I forgot she was sick sometimes and on a treatment plan that was radiating her body and making her tired. So, we keep meeting at the mailbox. It is an amazing thing. If we miss a day it is okay. But, our backs will start aching, our sleep is not as good, we miss a few chapters of each others' lives. But, we get another morning to try again.

I am the luckiest girl in my neighborhood because I have a friend that will meet me at her mailbox when it is early in the morning. Those morning moments have kept us healthy, happy and able to face the day. Thank you Eileen for your courage to say "yes", roll out of bed, tie your shoes, no matter what challenges you face. Your courage is amazing!

-written by Corinne Cargnoni


Daybrighten Art: Emily G.'s Watercolor

I am over the moon to be able to share this art with you because, well, it speaks for itself. Emily G. is an amazing artist and her watercolor work is indescribable. I took a Color and Design class at St. Edward's University with Emily in 2011, and it was obvious then how talented and passionate this girl was for making beautiful things.

Aside from being an inspiring artist, she is such a bubbly soul who makes it her mission to brighten everyone's day. Mission accomplished, to say the least. Emily is sharing her work with us today and a little story of how she found this art. She is in the process of opening her Etsy shop, and I will update everyone when it opens so you can get your hands on some of these gorgeous pieces!

"During my last year of high school, I started working with the Crayola watercolor sets that most kids use at some point in elementary school. There was something about the way the colors mixed together and were so bright, but still delicate and transparent. I was hooked on watercolor ever since that day.

As I finish up the last semester of college as a business student, it's safe for me to say that pursuing an art minor with a focus in watercolor has been one of the most valuable experiences of my college career. In a class schedule otherwise filled with strict deadlines and number crunching, watercolor painting has been a constant way to de-stress while still learning and being productive (which is a pretty awesome feeling.) The support I've gotten from my watercolor professor, my peers, and my friends as I've painted these past few years is incredible and I can't thank them enough. I can't imagine ever stopping, and am determined to make it part of my career in the near future.

My concentrated work consists mostly of natural landscapes and skies, but I also love creating small watercolor, doodles, posters, and greeting cards to brighten my friends' days."